Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef

Raised on America's Tall Grass Prairie       







Natural Grass Fed Beef  

Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef

Family owned ranches providing you with grass fed beef raised on the tallgrass of the Kansas Flint Hills. These beautiful green rolling hills are home to the most natural cattle grazing land in the country. This is the same grass that sustained vast buffalo herds for centuries. It is America's last native tallgrass grazing land — it has never been broken by a plow.

The Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef ranchers offer you a Healthy more Natural beef for your family. The native tallgrass pastures, assure you of a more Pure beef, free of growth hormones and antibiotics.

This website will grow as the company is established. We hope to be shipping Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef to your home as part of your family's healthy eating menu. One of your clean foods for fitness and health. 

In the meantime, explore more about the amazing beauty and history of the Kansas Flint Hills.
The Flint HIlls Discovery Center captures the majesty and history of America's only remaining tallgrass prairie.

To feel the passion of the ranchers and see the tranquility of the land we are trying to preserve, read the article titled, "The Splendor of Grass...the nation's last great expanse of tallgrass prairie", in National Geographic



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Flint Hills Grass Fed Beef

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